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                                     About TSG Services


Nancy Chapin started TSG Services (AKA The Support Group) in 1986 as a home-based business and we have grown by assisting associations ever since. 

TSG Services is designed to support you, your organization or association by promoting your annual events, assisting with meetings, working on governance issues, facilitating strategic planning sessions and more. 

We provide technical assistance services to organizations for annual meeting planning, facilitation, and project/event coordination and would be happy to meet with you and your organization to discuss your needs.

We also arrange for and manage vendors for street fairs and other events.

You can reach Nancy at 503-313-1665 or nchapin@tsgpdx.com


JT Foxx and Nancy Chapin

In November, 2016, I attended the JT Foxx Family Reunion in Orlando Florida.  I learned a lot about Focus and Branding and after 30 years as an entrepreneur, I am making some decisions about my next 20 years.  Should be a fun ride.  Call me for a coffee or tea date, if you want to talk or have an idea to share.